Project Objectives

The ultimate goal of CURE is to prepare ground for R&D integration of LABUST into the FP7 Programme. Integration may be achieved in terms of R&D proposals, scientific cooperation or business contacts based on technological innovation. The project will also create additional visibility and impact for running projects in creating and supporting relevant public relations (PR) so as to facilitate dissemination, transfer and exploitation of project results, and stimulate / encourage the participation of regional organizations in the EU R&D program.

To ensure the project’s objectives, work packages (WP), tasks (T) and deliverables (D) have been carefully planned according to the Call's objectives. Work packages have clearly defined timing and impact. Expected impacts are in upgrading the RTD capacity and capability i.e. the human potential, the number of new researchers and training of research staff, improvement of research management, strengthening the research infrastructure and the quality of research, and better integration in the ERA. Partnership with research groups in the EU will contribute to regional capacity building and will improve LABUST's underwater robotics research potential.