Project Abstract

The project Developing the Croatian Underwater Robotics Research Potential", project acronym CURE aims at reinforcing the Croatian S&T potential in underwater robotics (underwater systems and technologies) through a coherent set of measures that are focused toward:

  • Supporting and mobilization of human and material resources;
  • Developing strategic partnerships with well known research centers in EU;
  • Dissemination of scientific information and research results;
  • Facilitating communication between UNIZG-FER's Laboratory for Underwater Systems and Technologies (LabUST) and research entities with similar scientific interests in the EU, as well as other stakeholders in the region;
  • Improve LABUST's responses to socio-economic needs of the country and region, especially with respect to the Adriatic Sea.

CURE Project activities are also focused toward the socio-economic needs and mainly toward applications that are the most critical for the Adriatic Sea. These are:

  • Marine biology/ecology,
  • Underwater archaeology,
  • Maritime security and
  • Offshore industry.


Our vision

...for the marine environment is an unpolluted, healthy, safe, productive and biologically diverse Adriatic Sea. It is crucial that we advance our knowledge of changes occurring and improve our ability to predict and respond to identified changes. The main challenges are thus to:

  • Know the dynamics of physical, chemical and biological interactions at sea,
  • Know what is happening with the Adriatic Sea,
  • Find solutions to ever increasing dangers that threaten this complex system, and enforce sustainable use of marine resources,
  • Build new businesses whilst adapting to changes,
  • Spot potential risks and mitigate adverse effects
  • Ensure stewardship of the Eastern part of the Adriatic Sea for the benefit of future generations.

Technology is fundamental to our ability to make observations. There is a need for reliable platforms (Remotely Operated Vehicles - ROVs, Autonomous Underwater Vehicles - AUVs, Unmanned Surface Vehicles - USVs) with instruments that measure required parameters and communicate them to centers that are responsible for the analysis and monitoring (stakeholders). Underwater systems and technologies are thus crucial for the fulfillment of stated goals. Research and development of these underwater systems and technologies is likewise crucial.