Diving supervisors, now you can chat with divers, send them underwater locations that should be visited, and see where the diver is located!

Surface platform follows the diver at all times acting like a private satellite. By carrying the international dive flag, it expands the diver's underwater safe operation area while serving as a communication channel as well as a GPS router to the underwater.

Divers, easily navigate through the underwater and chat with the diving supervisor at the surface!

Divers, are you bored during your ascent?
Take photos, notes or play games cause full tablet functionality is preserved by using custom-made underwater stylus.

Would you like to chat with the surface?
A chat application enables easy sending and receiving of custom or a predefined set of chat messages through acoustic communication link between the diver tablet and the diving supervisor at the surface.

Would you like to navigate underwater?
Underwater tablet displays GPS position on Google Earth overlay. Diving supervisors, easily send the location where you want the diver to go! Divers, easily navigate through the underwater as you would on ground!